Don’t Mess with the Russians


I bet the editor of the Italian newspaper, La Repubblica is sorry he ever went in to work in May last year. Without bothering the check the facts, the editor approved an article claiming that Russian billionaire and Chelsea FC owner, Roman Abramovich had lost his yacht to pay off a gambling debt. WRONG move. Mr. Abramovich may be part of an English soccer empire, but when it comes to codes of honor and heart-of-steel revenge, he is Russian through and through. In one swipe, Abromovich sued the newspaper for millions, claiming that he had suffered “distress and embarrassment.” This left the publication no choice but to grovel its apologies and promise to pay the full amount, which, incidentally, is being donated to charity. Moral of the story: Don’t mess with the Russians!

Ok, so there were two brothers, an American and a Russian.

The American was jobless and hungry. But he had an idea: he went to the gates of the White House, sat on the ground outside and began eating hay. Obama saw him there and asked: ‘What are you eating hay for?’

‘Because I’m hungry and I haven’t a job.’

Obama was outraged and ordered that he be fed and given some money.

‘What else would you like?’

‘A ticket to Russia to visit my brother.’

Obama made the arrangements and the American flew to Russia where he found that his brother was starving too. The American burst out laughing and said:

‘Brother, I can give you a good piece of advice. Go to the Kremlin, sit on the ground by the gates and eat hay. Out will come Krushchev who will be angry to see you in such a state and give you everything you need.’

And that’s what the Russian brother did. He sat down by the Kremlin gates and began eating hay. Out came Medvedev and saw him there.

‘What are you eating hay for?’ he asked.

‘Because I’m hungry and I haven’t any money.’

‘You’re a fool!’ says Medvedev. ‘It’s summer now, you should be eating grass and leaving the hay for winter.’