Sumo Gamblers Lose Sponsorship

I think the ancient sport of Sumo wrestling just burst into the 21st Century. Japan’s fighters apparently lost their biggest sponsor after they admitted to gambling on baseball matches and card games. Apparently the sport is in so much hot water that the future of the next tournament is threatened. These guys had better tread carefully so as not to anger other sponsors. McDonalds, for example, has done a lot for the Sumo over the years, even installing a custom made seat to support their weight at the Tokyo sumo stadium Mc branch last year! On the other hand, what’s a little harmful dallying on sports betting going to harm anyone?

A Scot, an Englishman and a Sumo wrestler decide that life is not worth living and they are going to commit suicide by jumping off the top of a building.


As the Scot takes his leap, he yells: “God save Scotland!”

The Englishman follows and his final words are: “Gave save England!”

The Sumo wrestler, always the honorable one, jumps off yelling: “God save the person who I land on!”