Vegas Casino Bomber: Shoot me or I’ll Blow this Place Up

Talk about confused: A man who walked into a Vegas casino with a bomb strapped to his body on Saturday, told security officers that they had five minutes to evacuate the establishment or he’d blow himself up. He then went on to say that the SWAT team called to the scene had to shoot him, or he’d detonate the bomb – killing the patrons with him. I mean, if you want to leave this world, why go to the all the trouble to get hold of a (turns out to be fake) bomb, strap it to yourself, bother security, get the police in, get the place evacuated and then literally beg the police to kill you? Of course, the police simply threw some cuffs on the guy and hauled him away to prison, where he was booked for federal crimes. It seems the guy will have many years ahead of him in prison to dream up his next ultimate suicide plan.

In honor of those slightly less intelligent beings out there, here’s one courtesy of Jokes4All:

“Two blondes were in a bar watching the TV when the news came on. It showed a guy on a bridge that was about to jump, obviously suicidal. “I’ll bet you $10 he’ll jump,” said Betty.

“Bet you $10 he won,” replied Amber. Then, the guy on the TV closed his eyes and threw himself off the bridge. The second blonde hands the first her money.

“I can’t take your money,” said Betty. I cheated you. The same story was on the 5 o’clock news.”

“No, no. Take it,” said Amber. “I saw the 5 o’clock news too. I just didn’t think the guy was dumb enough to jump again!”