South Carolina AG Confuses Judges in Poker Case

I’m following with interest the trial in South Carolina where they are trying to determine whether poker is a game of chance or skill (duh). So in Tuesday’s hearing, the Attorney General stunned the judges by saying that the opinion of the state is that the anti-gambling laws do not encompass “Friday night poker games or the penny ante get-together.” But a few minutes later, he said that in the case of five Mount Pleasant men who had been arrested for playing poker in private home (and triggered the Supreme Court hearing), their poker playing was NOT considered legal. The judges were clearly confused by all this zig-zagging of opinions (and so was I!), and even asked the AG where it was written in the code of laws where there is a distinction of the dollar amount per stakes allowed or how often poker players can meet once a month. Surprise, surprise – the AG had no answer… I am itching to see how this case is resolved.

I’ve compiled a list of humorous exchanges heard in court rooms around the world:

Lawyer: Did she appear to be in pain? In other words, just looking at her, did she look like she was hurting?
Witness: She’s so ugly it looks like she hurts all the time.

Lawyer: What happened in the accident?
Witness: I was going around the corner and it was wet and rainy outside, and I kind of slid down an embankment and went into some bushes.
Lawyer: The police were called out. What did they do?
Witness: The state trooper gave me a careless driving ticket coz he told me had had to give me a ticket. I didn’t fight it, because it was my word against the bushes, I guess you could say.

Lawyer: Why do you handle the family finances?
Witness: Because my mom and sister ain’t that bright