$300K Returned to Poker Pro Who Left Cash in Cab

A professional poker player hit the jackpot last weekend after a brown paper bag containing his $300,000 in winnings was returned to him after he forgot the loot in the back of a cab. The unnamed player reported the money missing and was thrilled when a veteran cab driver from Las Vegas came forward with the paper bag containing every last cent of the money. According to media outlets, the cabbie, Gerardo Gamboa originally thought that the bag contained chocolates, and was shocked when he realized how much money the bag contained. The driver didn’t think for a moment to keep the money for himself and it was clear from the start that the money needed to get to its rightful owner. Here’s hoping the poker pro tipped the guy more than the $5 that he had originally given him after riding him to his destination.

Bill Gates goes into a restaurant, orders a meal and leaves $2 tip. The waiter who served him can’t resist bringing up the small size of the tip and says,” Excuse me Sir. Yesterday your son sat at the same table and left a $500 tip, and yet you leave only $2. Why is that?” Bill Gates replies. “Well, HIS father is Bill Gates. Mine was just a common woodcutter…”