Trainer Drugs Horses for Gambling Gain

I’ve heard of sportsmen and women taking illegal substances to improve their performances on the field or track. But I was blown away to read about a horse trainer in Iowa who was allegedly filmed injecting two of his horses with an unknown substance. Brian Ruse was charged with three felony counts of cheating at a gambling game last month at a Prairie Meadows Racetrack and Casino near Des Moines, Iowa.  Of course, the man is denying everything and his attorney said that post test races on the animals showed that there were no illegal substances in their system, but under state laws, nobody is allowed to give a horse medication on race day. The maximum sentence, by the way, is five years in prison in each of the felony charges…

In honor of our four legged friends, here are a couple of strange but true horse laws from around the country:

In Marion, South Carolina, it is illegal to tickle a woman under her chin with a feather duster while she is riding a horse.

In Washington DC and Utah, it is illegal to fish from horseback.

In Tennessee, you are not allowed to lasso fish from horseback.

In Arizona, cowboys aren’t allowed to walk through a hotel lobby wearing spurs.

In Marshaltown, Iowa, horses are not allowed to eat fire hydrants.

And we’ll end off with a law in Omega, New Mexico that states that a woman must be “found wearing a corset” when riding a horse in public!