PayPal Casinos


Paypal is an e-commerce service that allows business transactions and money transfers to be made over the internet.  PayPal is a safe, fast and easy that allows online gamblers to pay for their gaming entertainment without the need to expose their financial information, credit card or bank details. It is no wonder that PayPal is considered one of the leading forms of payment for online consumers today.

Paypal is result of the amalgamation of two companies named Confinity and It was formed in March 1998 and in October 2002, was acquired by eBay. It now operates in 190 markets and manages over 155 million accounts. Its corporate headquarters are in San Jose, California, in the United States. Paypal is a global leader in online payment solutions and operates in 23 different countries around the world. The group enables global payments across multiple locations, currencies and languages.

It should be noted that PayPal is not available as a form of payment for online gambling entertainment for players from the United States and Canada, and is mainly accepted by casinos which cater to the European gambling market.

How Paypal works: Paypal can be termed as an electronic substitute to traditional paper methods such as cheques and money orders. The first step towards transacting with Paypal is to sign up with paypal and create an account. During the sign up process, users link their debit card or credit cards to their Paypal account, safe in the knowledge that their information is safe and secure.

Personal money transactions through Paypal are free, although they may not receive debit or credit card payments. It is free to open an account and to send money, as well as to add funds. Costs are charged for withdrawing funds below a certain amount, as well as for receiving funds and multiple currency transactions. Since Paypal is one of the most popular means of online payment almost all online merchants offer this payment service. To make payments, customers would need to click on the Paypal icon, sign up with their account and then transfer funds. It is also possible to make bank transfers via Paypal.

Paypal can be used to send payments abroad, such as to family overseas, or to pay for a product or service to small businesses that may normally accept cash. In fact, Paypal allows users to send payments to anyone who has an email address or mobile number – there is not even a need to have the merchant’s bank details.

Paypal Advantages: One of the greatest features of Paypal is that it allows easy accessibility for customers. Anyone with an email address can use Paypal. Even those without Paypal accounts can receive money from Paypal users. Such people will be required to open a Paypal account to receive their money, which is a simple enough process as users have learned by now.

Paypal is the safest and possibly the easiest way to pay for goods and services online. It allows its client to pay without exposing credit card numbers to merchants. Payment is swift and payouts are fast. Paypal also enables money transfer through a mobile phone. The group’s multi currency features allow for a truly global shopping experience.

Paypal takes its users’ safety and security very seriously, allowing them to shop without exposing their financial information. The payment process is planned from the ground up to be one of the safest methods to send money over the net. The users’ financial information is never shared with, or sold to, online merchants. All sensitive financial information is stored in Paypal’s servers. This means that when Paypal is used to pay online, users only provide their email address and retailers/merchants receive payment from Paypal without ever seeing the customer’s financial information. Finally, all information is automatically sent with the highest level of data encryption.

Customer support is also important to Paypal, and a full Help Center is provided online with questions arranged by topic for easy answers. An efficient, friendly customer support team is also available by email to reply to any questions or deal with any problems on the spot.

Conclusion: Simplicity and safety are the two most important features of Paypal. In addition, the group stops at nothing to ensure top security so that users can pay for online services with complete peace of mind. When all this is taken into account, there is no doubt that PayPal’s future as a leading online payment method is assured.