Refer a Friend Bonuses

These bonuses are probably the easiest to benefit from! All you need to do is tell your friends about the great online casino that you’ve discovered, get them to make a real money deposit and then all of you benefit from great bonuses as part of the referral rewards policy at the online casino. The more friends you get to sign up, the bigger your reward!

There are plenty of different types of bonuses offered by online casinos to increase the player’s incentive of playing at a particular site. These bonuses range from no deposit and welcome bonuses, to match bonuses, VIP bonuses and bonuses for using a particular payment method. In addition, players may come across bonuses known as refer a friend bonuses.

What are Refer a Friend Bonuses?

It is not difficult to gather from the bonus title that this type of offer rewards players for referring their friends to a particular site. The online casinos will essentially reward you if your friends open an account at the site and enjoy the great games and software.

How do Refer a Friend Bonuses Differ from one Another?

As all online casinos differ from one another, it is only logical that the bonuses which they offer also differ. As such, it is fair to expect that not all refer a friend bonuses are the same. These special offers range from mediocre offerings to a very pleasant source of income for you by not doing much except ‘spreading the word’.

Some Refer a Friend bonuses will reward you for telling your friends about the particular online casino and obtaining a certain amount of credits to your own account once they open their own real money account.

If a site is particularly generous, it will also reward your friend for listening to your sound advice and opening an account.

Some online casinos go one step up and create a program where several friends can be invited at once to take part in a gaming session with you, and you are rewarded for getting them to the game and more if they open an account after that.

As can be seen, it really pays to shop around at online casinos to find out about the different ‘refer a friend’ bonuses out there.

Typical Conditions for Refer a Friend Bonuses

While we said that all refer a friend bonuses differ from one another, the average bonus works in this way:

You will have to have a real money account with the online casino (in order to have your rewards credited into it).

A connection needs to be made between your account and one that your referred friend opens. This is generally done by registering the friend’s name and email address and if the friend opens an account, a link is automatically made to your account.

Most casinos require that the referred friend opens a real money account and makes a certain deposit. Your account may be automatically credited once the friend completes the required steps, while others may ask you to claim the bonus after which time it is credited to your account.

Checking out the Refer a Friend Bonuses

There are several things you will want to look out for when choosing the right bonus for yourself, and it is a good idea to familiarize yourself with what is available in the industry.

The Refer a Friend bonus may be set to a specific amount, meaning that you will get that amount (and not) more, no matter how much money your friend deposits at the casino after your referral.

In other instances, the casino may reward you with a certain percentage of your friend’s deposit or determine your reward if the deposit exceeds a certain bracket.

In all events, it is definitely worth checking out the terms and conditions of the bonus you are thinking of taking advantage of as the differences in amounts can be quite significant in the long run.

How do you Benefit from Refer a Friend Bonuses?

You don’t need to major in marketing to understand that refer a friend bonuses are just as good for the online casino as it is for you. Online casinos will naturally benefit from any new customer that ‘walks through its doors’ and you are essentially doing all the work for them by encouraging your friends to take up the offers at the site.

However, you can benefit just as much for not doing much else than spreading the word of your good experiences at a particular site. Just as you would share with your friends information such as your discovery of a great new restaurant or club, so too could you tell them about the top quality site you’ve recently been playing at. It requires no extra effort from you – and the rewards could be great.

Another main advantage of refer a friend bonuses is that you are actually filling your virtual world with your own friends. Getting your buddies to hang out at the same online casino as you means that you can share experiences, chat to each other online, and play the same games. And even after you’ve logged off for the night, you still have conversations to share with them about your experiences together at the online casino when you see them again.

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