What Online Casino Games Have The Best Odds?

Playing at an online casino is a particularly rewarding experience – and not just because it provides you with great entertainment. There are many people who win at these sites, but naturally some more than others. However, it is obvious that online casinos have a built in advantage on its games over the player – otherwise they would have been out of business long ago. This built in advantage, which is called the house edge, is the casino’s average profit from a player’s wager. As an example, if a casino game’s house edge is 5%, that means that if you wager $1, the casino will keep 5c profit and return the other 95c to the player as winnings. This, of course, is an average calculation and doesn’t mean that on one single bet that is what will happen. You will need to play over a relatively long period to approach the house edge.

There is one important thing you should remember, however: The casino does not beat every player all the time. All this means is that the casino will win, for example 5% of the total of all bets on that particular game over the course of, say, a year.

Now, to our specific question: What online casino games have the best odds or, in other words, which games have a lower house edge than others?

Generally, games of skill have a lower house edge and therefore better odds than games of chance. However, you need to remember that the odds are only good on these games of skill if you play then with their proper strategy. For that, you will need to learn the rules and game strategy of games such as blackjack and poker in order to improve your odds.

Odds for blackjack with proper player are around 0.5%, craps are 0.8% and video poker are 0.5% - 5% (depending on the variant).

Baccarat odds are 1.06% and roulette is 5.5%.

If you take slot machines, you will see that the odds change quite dramatically, depending on the game variants played. Odds on flat top machines range from 0 – 17%, while odds on progressive slot machines range from 5% - 17%.

The game of keno has a very high house edge – 25% and over, depending on the game type and the online casino.

And a game with even higher odds is the state lottery with odds of 50% and more.

All this, of course, is a rough guide and these odds will depend on a number of factors, including how you, the player, play the game, on the online casino (which could have better odds than its rivals) and on the variant of the game being played.

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