Dishonest Online Casinos

One of the more unpleasant sides of taking your gambling entertainment to the internet is the slight chance of coming across dishonest online casinos. We say slight with a real emphasis because, luckily, dishonest online casinos are not common in the gambling industry and with each passing year, efforts are being made to eliminate them altogether.

Dishonest online casinos are usually those that undertake some form of fraudulent operation so that the player is deceived. Usually, dishonest online casinos offer bonuses that are so wild that players immediately register with the site, only to find that they casino won’t be sticking to the terms of the bonus after all.

These casinos could also decide to suddenly not pay out a player’s winnings, even though the player has completed the wagering requirements according to the terms and conditions of the bonus.

If a player is unlucky enough to come across a dishonest online casino, there are several courses of action he or she can take. There are number of watchdog groups in the industry whose job it is to make sure that certain standards are maintained. One of the most important groups is eCOGRA, a body that issues seals of approval to online casinos that meet and maintain its tough standards. If the problematic online casino happens to me an eCOGRA member, then the player can refer the matter to eCOGRA’s legal department and an arbitrary body will examine the matter and rule on it. In many cases, eCOGRA rules for the player and the online casino has to pay up or face losing its seal of approval.

But what happens when the casino is not a member of eCOGRA? The player has the option of complaining about the casino on gambling forums on the internet, and this move usually has some instant results. Online casinos will usually do everything to keep their business reputation impeccable, and if a player suddenly brings a matter of dishonesty out into the public, we are sure to bet that the site’s customer support team will react quickly to any accusations.

There is a big difference between what players perceive as dishonest online casinos because they are not paying out because of a discrepancy, and truly dishonest online casinos that were set up to trap online players and then disappear off the radar with as much cash as they managed to grab.

The casinos that fall into the latter category don’t only act one time. Their operators are greedy and will try to get as many victims as possible. For that reason, it is good to read up about dishonest online casinos at gambling portals, where lists of these sites are kept and updated regularly. These lists are good to refer to before signing up with an online casino as it may just save you getting involved with a site that has a particularly bad track record in payouts, or one that is known to be a scam.