Legalized Casino Gambling

Countries around the world have their own laws governing gambling and casinos. Some limit gambling to the national lottery, some allow state-run casinos, some allow online gambling but only in state-run format, while others have a looser legislation framework and allow gambling on most levels. Practically every country in the world has its own laws, and it would be impossible to list them all. However, I've taken the liberty of outlining the laws in a number of bigger countries that are relevant to many of the world's gamblers.

The United States

On a state level, the only two states in the US where gambling is totally forbidden are Utah and Hawaii. In all other states, gambling is allowed at different levels. Gambling pastimes are generally divided into charitable, pari-mutuel, lotteries, commercial, Indian and race track gambling, with each state making its own internal decisions about what is allowed and what is not. Alaska, for example, only allows charitable and Indian gambling, while Louisiana allows gambling across all these categories. When it comes to online gambling on a federal level, there is still some controversy surrounding this issue. The UIGEA blocks banks from transferring funds to and from online gambling sites, but this 2006 law does not specifically ban players from accessing online gambling sites and playing there. Try Go Casino or Lucky Red Casino as examples of US friendly online gambling sites.

The United Kingdom

The English laws are considered some of the most relaxed in the world, and have been since the government passed the Gambling Act of 2005. The law makes special provision for online gambling, all the way creating a structure of protection for children and vulnerable adults. Punters can wager on sports, the lottery, casino games and bingo, among others.


Gambling is a much enjoyed pastime among the French in all shapes of forms, ranging from casinos to poker rooms and tournaments, pari mutual racing and charity tournaments. In the past year, France has made great strides in the online gambling sphere, after the country’s National Assembly voted in favor of a bill to legalize internet wagering. State monopolies still exist in some areas, but there is definitely more competition and choice for French gamblers.


Gambling Down Under is considered a fun pastime and enjoyed by millions. From gaming machines such as pokies to casinos, Tote and lotteries, gambling pastimes are – for the majority – lawful. Online gambling has also made great strides in Australia although this is still considered a grey area. There is no legislation that criminalizes the act of playing at an online casino so Australian citizens cannot be prosecuted for doing so. However, casinos can be prosecuted for accepting customers from inside the country. An exception is wagering on sports – where it is legal to do so online in Australia.

As can be seen, rules and regulations vary from country to country, and even from state to state. Leaders cannot ignore the growth of online casinos, and will need to incorporate this pastime into their laws as soon as possible.