Slots Tips

As an industry that generates literally billions of dollars each year, there is something to say about the appeal of slots! Slot machines represent classic gambling entertainment at its finest, with today's industry offering players the chance to win massive prizes and choose among endless machines, themes and gaming options.

In order to help you make the most of your gaming session, we offer you the ultimate slots tips:

  1. Join the Club: If you are playing at land based casinos, we suggest that you use your player’s club card when sitting down to a slots session in order to win comps at the casino. It is easy to tally up points when playing slots. If you are playing online, check to see if the casino has a slots club and join if you can. The rewards at these types of clubs are great!
  2. Get to Know your Slots: Gone are the days when all slot machines were three reeled, one payline machines! Today, there are countless choices available for you to select, ranging from multi line games to interactive slot machines with intricate story lines. Try to familiarize yourself with these games and their rules and know what differences to look out for when playing.
  3. Read the Payout Tables: One of the most important slots tips out there is to learn how to read the pay table of each and every slot machine that you play at. Payout tables differ from machine to machine and you should understand that a machine with fewer winning combinations usually pays out less frequently, but larger amounts. Machines with more winning combinations, pay out more frequently but smaller amounts.
  4. Manage your Bankroll: This may be an obvious one amongst those slots tips, but it can be overlooked when players get caught up in the excitement of slots gaming (and who can blame them!). Before sitting down in front of the slots machine, take some time to go over how much money you want to spend at your gaming session and/or how long. Take that money and nothing else. Play until you run out and then LEAVE. This is the best way to manage your bankroll and you will be thankful that you have disciplined yourself this way when you see how far your bankroll stretches.
  5. Play Maximum Coins: Understand that if you hit the jackpot on a progressive slot machine, you will not be paid out the top amount if you have not wagered with the maximum number of coins at the slot machine. We suggest that you put aside a portion of your bankroll for progressive playing and play maximum coins each time in order to improve your chances of winning that BIG prize!
  6. Have Fun: One of the most important slots tips overlooked is that slots is meant to be fun. Once you understand that slots is a game of chance and nothing much you do will change the odds of the game, you will be able to sit back and relax, enjoy your gaming session and come back for more with a smile on your face!